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Literature type: General

Journal: Goose Bulletin

Volume: 17 , Pages: 2-5.

Language: English


Full reference: Wang, X., Fox, A.D., Cong, P. & Cao, L. 2013. Recent research on the Lesser White-fronted Goose Anser erythropus in China. Goose Bulletin: 17, 2-5.

Keywords: winter counts, China, habitat preferences, diett, hydrology, research

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Language: English


Full reference: Vasiliev, V.V., Gauzer, M.E., Rustamov, E.A. & Belousova, A.V. 2006. The Lesser White-fronted Goose Anser erythropus in the south-east Caspian region of Turkmenistan. , Waterbirds around the world. Eds. G.C. Boere, C.A. Galbraith & D.A. Stroud. The Stationery Office, Edinburgh, UK. pp. 629-632.

Keywords: Turkmenistan, Caspian Sea, winter count, mid-winter, survey


The south-east Caspian region of Turkmenistan is an important staging and wintering area for the globally threatened Lesser White-fronted Goose Anser erythropus. During the period 1975-2003, surveys carried out in late autumn and mid-winter recorded Lesser White-fronted Geese at a total of 14 sites. The numbers of geese fluctuated widely from a maximum of 1 850 individuals in November 1999 to none in several years. The most important sites were the Turkmenbashi, Balkan, Mihkailovskiy and Severo-Cheleken Bays in the central part of the Caspian coast of Turkmenistan, and the delta of the Atrek River in the southern part. Changes in the distribution and numbers of geese have occurred as a result of habitat degradation or alteration and other anthropogenic pressures, especially hunting. Various measures are proposed for the protection and management of the Lesser White-fronted Goose in Turkmenistan, and it is suggested that these measures could be used in the development of an international action plan for the conservation of the species in the Caspian region as a whole.

Literature type: Newsletter

Language: English


Full reference: Paynter, D., Aarvak, T. & Sultanov, E. 1996. Winter counts of threatened species in Azerbaijan. , Threatened Waterfowl Specialist Group News 9:39-42.

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