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- by the Fennoscandian Lesser White-fronted Goose project

Literature type: General

Language: Swedish (In Swedish)

Full reference: Strid, T. & Wærn, M. 2010. Fågelrapport 2010. [Bird report 2010.], Pp. 45-149 in: SOF 2010. Fågelåret 2009. Halmstad.

Keywords: Occurrence, Sweden, hybrids, Barnacle Goose, Rarity report

Literature type: General

Journal: Ornithos

Volume: 9 , Pages: 2-32.

Language: French (In French with English summary)

Full reference: Frémont, J.-Y. 2002. Les oiseaux rares en France en 2000. [Rare birds in France in 2000.], Ornithos: 9, 2-32.

Keywords: France, rarity report

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