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Full reference: Marolla, F. 2020. Understanding and forecasting population dynamics in changing arctic ecosystems. A holistic approach to study the effects of environmental changes on arctic populations of management concern. , Doctoral thesis, Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, The Arctic University of Norway.

Keywords: population dynamics, culling, mortality, production, Fennoscandia

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Full reference: Øien, I.J. & Aarvak, T. 2009. The eff ect of Red Fox culling in the core breeding area for Fennoscandian Lesser White-fronted Geese in 2008. , In: Tolvanen, P., Øien, I.J. & Ruokolainen, K. (eds.). Conservation of Lesser White-fronted Goose on the European migration route. Final report of the EU LIFE-Nature project 2005–2009. WWF Finland Report 27 & NOF Rapportserie Report No 1-2009: pp. 81-82.

Keywords: monitoring, EU-Life, annual report, Fennoscandian, Norway, management

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