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Portal to the Lesser White-fronted Goose

- by the Fennoscandian Lesser White-fronted Goose project

Links to external resources

Below is a list of useful links to information about the Lesser White-fronted Goose:

  • IUCN Red List - Anser erythropus»
  • BirdLife International species fact sheet - Anser erythropus»
  • Xeno-Canto sound archive - Anser erythropus»
  • GBIF.org - Anser erythropus»
  • An ONLINE ecological tool to identify the seeds from European marshlands»

  • National databases

  • Austria»
  • Norway»

  • Databases where registration is needed to search for LWFG.

  • Hungary»
  • Slovakia»
  • Various

  • Finnish breeding bird atlas - LWfG»
  • Guidelines for Reintroductions and Other Conservation Translocations» - IUCN/SSC (2013)
  • European Code of Conduct for Zoological Gardens and Aquaria on Invasive Alien Species» - IUCN/SSC (2013)
  • Literature databases

  • Russian scientific electronic library»

  • Norwegian Ornithological Society https://www.birdlife.orgWWF Finland

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